Self Pan, Distributori per la vendita self service


Over 50 years
in business

Codoni S.r.l. was founded as a company specialised in the trade and assistance for equipment and furnishings for retail stores, shops and supermarkets. Thanks to the company’s professionalism and experience, the SELF-PAN division was born and developed for the design and construction of solutions for self-service sales of bread, bakery products and confectionery, in addition to solutions for corporate canteens.

and quality

Today, Codoni S.r.l. is point of reference in Italian and Foreign Large-scale Distribution. In addition to constant product research and development, the high quality standards guarantee innovative solutions combined with Made-in-Italy craftsmanship.


  • Self-Pan is a registered brand
  • Holder of Italian, European and US patents
  • EC declaration of conformity
  • Material certifications in line with regulations
  • Discoverthe SMART SYSTEM
  • Certified materials for food use, EC and M.O.C.A. (Materials and Articles intended to come into Contact with Food). FIND OUT MORE

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