Self Pan, Distributori per la vendita self service


In the business
for more than 50 years

Codoni S.r.l. was established as a company specialising in the business of and assistance for scales, equipment and furnishings for large-scale distribution channels, markets and supermarkets. Thanks to its corporate professionalism and experience, the SELF-PAN division was created and developed within the field of design and construction of solutions for the self-service sales of bread, baked products and pastry besides company canteen services.

and quality

Codoni s.r.l. today is a leading enterprise in the large-scale retail trade in Italy and abroad. High quality standards, constant research and development of products guarantee innovative solutions matched with the artisanal precision of the “Made in Italy” quality.


  • Registered trademark
  • Italian, European and USA patent
  • EC Conformity Declaration
  • Materials certified for use in contact with foods
  • SMART SYSTEM discover

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