What is Multi Self-Pan?
Multi Self-Pan is a patented self-service unpacked bread dispenser.

What is the best characteristic of Multi Self-Pan?
Self-Pan is a self-service dispenser; no dedicated operators and disposable gloves are required and the maximum hygiene is guaranteed, delivering up to 9 kinds of bread in 110 cm.

How does Multi Self-Pan work?
The customer moves a lever, the bread is channeled through the slide until the opening of the dispenser, and it falls into the previously positioned bag.
Has been found a huge increase in sales of fresh bread, due to the optimized exposure of the product and the customer's perception of the absolute hygienic protection, without queuing for immediate availability of bread.

What are the peculiarities of Multi Self-Pan?
Multi Self-Pan has been designed to meet the following requirements:
  • Maximum hygiene in the preservation and delivery of bread.
  • Interior lighting low voltage LED (warm light).
  • Each level of drawers is lockable and independent.
  • Crumb tray at every level.
  • Possibility of exploiting the base convertible for other products also packaged.
  • Ability to load bread from the back (if any laboratory, oven, etc ...).
  • Simplicity load bread also from the back (capacity from 4 to 6 kg each drawer).
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning (no screws or clamps).
  • Totally mechanical system to guarantee a continuous function over time.
  • Materials certified for food use.
  • Easy to install in-store.
  • Present in many large-scale distribution chains on the Italian territory.
How to refill Multi Self-Pan
  • Slide the drawers horizontally in the guide for a front or rear loading.
  • Refill the container pouring the bread inside.
  • Replace the drawer and turn the sliding lock on.
How the customer gets the bread from Multi Self-Pan
  • Take the bag.
  • Hook the bag to the side hooks on the opening.
  • Hold the lever and push it until the desired quantity of bread has been ejected.
  • Remove the bag.
Width: 110 cm; depth: 78 cm; height: 170 cm; weight: 260 kg.